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RaffleWayne Art Center is very proud to announce the 20th anniversary celebration of Craft Forms.

Craft Forms 2014, the International Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Crafts, will be on display at the Wayne Art Center from December 5, 2014 − January 31, 2015. 

This eagerly anticipated exhibition, celebrating its 20th milestone year, is dedicated to enhancing the public's awareness of fine contemporary craft while providing a venue for established and emerging artists to share their creative endeavors.  Craft Forms is internationally recognized as one of the premiere contemporary craft exhibitions.  The finest works of ceramics, wood, fiber, metal, glass, mixed medium and 3D printing are featured, supporting the Center’s mission of expanding the public’s awareness of fine contemporary crafts, and significantly benefiting all educational and outreach programs for children and adults. 

On Friday, December 5, 2014, 6:00 till 10:00 p.m., the Preview Party will welcome over 200 artists, business sponsors, patrons, committee members and guests. Festive cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be offered by Jeffrey Miller Catering, featured wines by Little Black Dress, martini bar ice luge created by Rob Capone and a live blend of world music and jazz by Ken Ulansey Ensemble will entertain the guests.  Please call for tickets at 610-688-3553.

Craft Forms’ reputation grows exponentially each year due to the quality of artist submissions, in addition to the jurors, the highest esteemed experts in the craft world, who select the works for display. With 20 years to reference, 404 applicants and 718 images from around the world were submitted for the jurors’ consideration.  We are honored to announce the two craft masters selected 99 pieces for Craft Forms 2014 exhibition, David R. McFadden, Chief Curator Emeritus of the Museum of Art & Design, New York City and Bruce W. Pepich, Executive Director & Curator of Collections of the Racine Art Museum, Racine. Several of our esteemed past jurors include: Lena Vigna, Racine Art Museum, Cindi Strauss, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Elizabeth Agro, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Jane Milosch, Smithsonian Institution;Paul Smith, NYC, Michael Monroe, VA and Lloyd Herman, WA.

McFadden and Pepich will select the awards on Friday, December 6 with over $6,000 in award money. They will then present an insightful Juror’s Talk on Saturday, December 6, 2014, at 1:00 p.m. and Meet the Craft Artists will directly follow their presentation.  

In addition, this year’s companion exhibition will embrace craft in our interior environment, titled, Living with Craft. This series of craft-inspired lifestyle vignettes will feature local, regional, nation and international craft artist’s ingenious master works staged among idealist furniture, lighting, floor coverings, decorative and functional objects. The concept for this companion exhibition, Living with Craft, (and to help celebrate our 20th year of Craft Forms) is to demonstrate to viewers just how craft can be aesthetically and successfully integrated into several contemporary living environments. Our thought was to select furniture makers to design the core area of a living space and then coordinate various craft makers who work in glass, fiber, metals, ceramics and mixed media to complete the lifestyle venues. Nakashima Woodworkers, Thomas Moser, Bradford Woodworking and Michael Brolly, who are all Philadelphian artists, as well as Vivian Beer and Matthias Pliessnig, are a few of the artisans thus far who have agreed to create furniture vignettes.  

Along the outer gallery walls, Wayne Art Center teacher, Laura Dadonna will present a body of her students’ work that will featured abstract paintings for purchase titled, Beyond the Brush. Workshops, demos and artist lectures are planned for December into January.

Highlighting some of the fundraising events for Craft Forms, the annual Holiday Shopping Day will run on Saturday, December 13, 10:00 am-4:00 pm. This year over 25 local artists will offer unique, “artisan to home” handcrafted artworks for sale. Due to prior success, the shopping weekend will again offer local restaurants and caters cuisine samples and sale of food items.

The Gallery Shop is offering all newly crafted works made in the USA which are perfect for holiday gift giving. To highlight some of the merchandise, the shop will include Leni Hoch and Polonova textiles, Young Kang and Michael Smyser ceramics, Paul Woolf wood, Pittsburg Glass Center works, and numerous fine jewelers, plus many more fine craft artists.
Hours are Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. There is a suggested $5.00 contribution to view Craft Forms 2014 and Living with Craft.

The Wayne Art Center would like to thank the major sponsors of Craft Forms 2014: Leading sponsors, Janssen, Wellness & Prevention, Inc. A Johnson & Johnson Company, First Priority Bank, The Bryn Mawr Trust Company, Complete Financial Outsourcing, C. Raymond Davis & Sons, Inc. Alan McIlvain Company, Thos. Moser, Oliver Heating & Cooling, Little Black Dress, Ice Bars Luges Logos, Main Line Media News, Radnor News, Chester County Life Magazine, County Lines Magazine, Wayne Magazine, The Wayne Hotel, Radnor Hotel, and many other community business sponsors and generous patrons.  The funds raised through business sponsors, patrons, attendees, and art sales greatly help benefit the Wayne Art Center’s educational and outreach programs. 


David McFadden, Chief Curator Emeritus, Museum of Art & Design

Bruce Pepich, Executive Director and Curator of Collections, Racine Art Museum. $10,000 +  Awards.

Congratulations to our 2014 Exhibiting Artists.

Dona Anderson, WA,
Sara Bakken, PA
Christopher Bathgate, MD
Lucrezia Bieler, FL
Clifford Blanchard, NJ
Anna Boothe, PA
George-Ann Bowers, CA
Lauren Bullock, GA,
Miriam Carpenter, PA
Joseph Cavalieri, NY,
Wu Ching Chih, Taoyuan County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Fong Choo, Kentucky,
Valerie Jo Coulson, PA
Jennifer Crupi, NJ,
Mark Del Guidice, MA,
Jeffrey Dever, MD,
Jane Dodds, NY,
Jeremy Dunklebarger, NY
Sandra Enterline, CA
Paul Eshelman, IL
Teresa Faris, WI
Tracy Fiegl, NY
Melissa Finelli, MA
Robly Glover, TX
David Hardcastle, NY
Michael Hays, OH
Corin Herzog, CA
Hong Hong, CT
Michael James, NE
Judith Kaufman, CT
Lisa  Klakulak, NC
Jeana Eve Klein, NC
David Knopp, MD
Nancy Koenigsberg, NY
Jocelyn Kolb, PA
Loretta Lam, NY
Hongwei Li, NY
Ingrid Lilligren, IA
Ana Lopez, TX
Brooke Marks-Swanson, IN
Phill Mason, Tasmania, Australia
Karen Massaro, CA
Chris Massey, Victoria, Australia
Jennifer McCurdy, MA
Richard McVetis, London, England
Jonathan Mess, ME
Cynthia Miller, AZ
Debora Muhl, PA
Masako Onodera, WI
Noel Palomo-Lovinski, OH
Teresa Paschke, IA
Colin Pezzano, NJ
Patrick Quinn, IL
Michael Radyk, PA
Steven  Ramsey, NE
Karen Reid, PA
Ellie Richards, NC
Marilyn Richeda, NY
Noah Riedel, NC
Madeline Rile Smith, PA
Michael Rohde, CA
Judith  Rosenthal, NJ
Stephanie Rozene, NY
Sandra Rude, CA
Lois Russell, MA
Amanda Salm, CA
Ellen Schinderman, CA
Karen Schulz, MD
Rowen Schussheim-Anderson, IA
Mark Sfirri, PA
Helen  Shirk, CA
Marjorie Simon, PA
Brent Skidmore, NC
Nancy Slagle, TX
Summer Sleight, IN
Robin Stark, NV
Tim Startup, WI
Laura Strand, IL
Rebecca Strzelec, PA
Patricia Sullivan, NJ
Mariko Swisher, PA
Jess Tolbert, TX
Pauline Verbeek-Cowart, KS
Peggy Wiedemann, CA
john  williams, WV
Kimberly Winkle, TN
Catherine Winkler Rayroud, TX
Sihui Zhang, OR

Living with Craft Artists

Heather Bayless, KS
Vivian Beer, NH
Michael Biello, PA
Charissa Brock, OR
Cameron Taylor-Brown, CA
Michael Brolly, PA
Jim Connell, SC
Erik & Martin Demaine, MA
Dan DeVos, PA
Geoffrey Dubinsky, PA
Joost During, MA
Maria Eife, PA
Sheila Ferri, NY
Frankie Flood, WI
Sue Freda, RI
Mark Del Guidice, MA
Derek Hennigar, NC
Laura Kishimoto, RI
Brad Johnson, PA
Danny Kamerath, TX
Ray Kelso, PA
David Knopp, MD
R.H. Laufer, MD
Jack Larimore, PA
Ed Bing Lee, PA
Meg Little, RI
Jeff Mack, OH
Gary Magakis, PA
Jack Mauch, NH
James McNabb, NY
Frank McPherson, PA
Jennifer Merchant, WI
Thomas Moser, PA
Mira Nakashima, PA
Lori Lupe Pelish, NY
Sarah Perkins, MO
Matthias Pliessnig, RI
Catherine Winkler Rayroud, TX
Wen Redmond, NH
Miles van Renesselaer, NJ
Gustav Reyes, IL
Joe Roessler, MA
Lonni Rossi, PA
Mark Sfirri, PA
Brad Smith, PA
Janice Smith, PA
Shawn Spangler, HI
Joy Stember, PA
Anne Vincent, GA
Paulette Werger, NH
Ann Williamson, OR
Faith Wilson, MD
Royce Yoder, PA


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