Ruth Becker



36 Layers Cut & Inkjet Printed Paper on Painted Wood Panel

20” x 16″ x 1.5″


The work is comprised of thirty-six individual inkjet prints of original, digitally-manipulated acrylic paintings. After each layer is individually laser-cut, the entire stack is carefully hand-assembled and mounted to a painted wood panel.

Lucrezia Bieler


Bird Watching

Black Paper

6” x 9″ x .25″


Oh I love to walk along the beach, seeing birds promenade along the shore.

Linda Colsh



Fiber, Paper

8” x 24″ x 8″


Caryatids are architectural supports carved in female form. Relating the Erechtheum’s ionic style to strong women, I printed women’s images on paper coffee filters on 1 side & stone patterns on fabric on the other of my 8×120-inch double spiral. The volutes reference an ionic column capital.

Annie Weidman


Still Life with Birthday Cake

Preprinted Paperboard Boxes

26” x 21″


Still life with tobacco jar, candlestick, oranges and birthday cake.