mixed media

Barbara De Pirro



Painted Papers, Acrylic & Crocheted Stainless Steel Wire

18” x 18″ x 6″


Shang Gao



Lacquer, Sepiolite Fibers, Diatomaceous Earth

30cm x 65cm x 20cm


This is a non-traditional lacquer composite lacquerware developed by the author himself. By adjusting the proportion of lacquer and other additives in the material, the work is easy to shape and has extensive fold texture.

Topher Gent


Vessel 01

Blackened Steel, Plaster

24” x 9″ x 9″


Terrence Lavin


Core Fragment 4

Brass, Bronze, Cast Glass, Peridot

4” x 7″ x 4″


Cast bronze and glass components.

Candace Pratt


Reaching for Light

Glass and Satin Ribbon

5” x 10″ x 10″


‘Reaching for Light’ is part of my Universal Vessels series. I have been searching for symbols of global unity in the midst of the pandemic, and vessels is that representation of female strength. The dark to light satin ribbon portrays the struggle, and the unity needed to heal a broken planet.