Harlan Butt


Environment Series #2: Fading Beauty

Copper, Enamel, Silver

8” x 6″ x 6″


Sophie Glenn


Gorgeous George

Painted And Rusted Steel, Silicon Bronze, And Image Transfer

37” x 23″ x 18″


Ana Lopez


Night Air Garniture

Stainless Steel, Vitreous Enamel, Silver Foil

14” x 33″ x 13″


A reference to changing attitudes towards night air. The silver elements are meant to resemble stars but if you look closely, they are actually the symbols for different elements of ductwork on an architectural rendering. Sewn stainless steel with vitreous enamel and cnc-cut silver foil inclusions.

Sara Thompson


Sugar Creamer Set

Sterling Silver

1.75” x 4″ x 7.5″


These pieces were created from hammering flat sheets of sterling silver up into three dimension forms. The creamer has a subtle spout and the sugar bowl includes a small spoon. Other techniques used: raising, planishing, filing, sanding, and soldering. Pieces are finished with a soft satin finish.

Elaine Unzicker



Stainless Chain Mail, Pearls

7.75” x 4.5″ x .25″


Chain mail linked one ring at a time, welded rings closed.

Wendy Yothers

New Jersey

Fish Servers

Sterling Silver

spatula 9.75” x 3.75″ x .25″

fork 9” x 2″ x .25″

blade 9.75” x 2″ x .25″

spoon 7” x 1″ x .25″


Serving flatware for fish. Forged, sculpted, cast and patinated.