Lynn Batchelder

New York

Unearthed Pendants

Anodized and Dyed Aluminum, Sterling Silver

18” x 4″ x .5″


Pendants are cut, chiseled, anodized, and permanently dyed. Fabricated sterling chain with handmade silver screws that thread onto the aluminum components.

James Betts


Conflagration #1

Stainless Steel

4” x 4″ x 1″


3D Printed Stainless Steel Bracelet examining tangible gas-like movements.

Matthew Coté


Salute Your Shorts

Leaded Enamel, Copper, Brass, Steel

3.25” x 3″ x .125″


A belt buckle displaying patriotism at its finest. Taken from witnessing various examples of patriotic fashion, culminating when discovering American flag boxers on clearance, this piece highlights the underlying meaning of what the fashionable form of intense patriotism truly represents.

Jeffrey Lloyd Dever


Ascending Eden

Polymer Clay, Glass Head Pins, Plated Steel Tac Backs

4” x 1.75″ x .75″


An armature is built, over which the piece is sculpted of polymer, cured, and sanded. Then thin gradient veneers are sheeted, applied one section at a time and cured in up to fifteen application and curing cycles. Spots are drilled, backfilled and cured again. Finally glass head pins are affixed.

Tamra Gentry


Jane, His Wife

Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, Mexican Fire Opal, Japanese Freshwater Pearl, Silk Thread

11” x 5.5″ x .5″


Hand-forged Argentium sterling silver pendant with 18K yellow and rose gold, Mexican fire opal, and Japanese freshwater pearl. The cord is hand-crafted from spools of Japanese fine silk thread.

Kathy King

North Carolina

Palisades Necklace

Handwoven Glass Beads

3” x 10″ x .5″


Thousands of tiny silver-colored glass beads and turquoise nylon thread are to create the structural necklace. The piece is completed with a sterling silver vintage glass cab clasp. The piece can be worn two different ways, laying close to the body or with the points projecting away from the body.

Heng Lee


A Piece of the Mountain – Davallia Mariesii

Brass, Copper, Enamel

7.5cm x 5cm x 1.5cm


Jixuan Lu



Silver Paste. Enamel. Stainless Steel

6cm x 6.5cm x 3.5cm


‘BanDao’ is a Chinese pinyin meaning ‘peninsula’. The peninsula is the interface between land and sea, and this work is an overlapping product of silver clay and silver. The artist developed a silver paste herself and shaped it with heat-intolerant auxiliary material.

Zhuwei Lu


Growing I

Wood, Copper, Ancient Bronze

2.5” x 2″ x 1″


Nathalie Maiello


Blue Brooch

Sterling Silver, Acrylic, Stainless Steel

2” x 3″ x .5″


Deanna McLaughlin


Cartrageous Slider Ring

Sterling Silver With 2.75Mm Black Cabochon Wheels

.75” x 1″ x .125″


Sterling silver slider ring with 2.75mm black cabochon wheels. Size 6.5. Additional sizes available with special orders. Please allow additional time for the production of special orders.

Celest Michelotti


Western Skies Earrings

22K Gold, 18K Gold, Sterling, 6Mm Ethiopian Opal

.5625” x .4375″ x .125″


The soft colors in the Ethiopian Opal evoke the colors in an Arizona sunset: the textures of the 22K gold.

Emilie Pritchard


Zigzag Truss


9.5” x 7″ x .5″


A series of tetrahedrons, built out of handcut tubes of oxidized sterling silver and 14 kt gold fill. I join the tubes with thread to create the structures, No soldering is used. This results in a piece that holds its shape while still flexible enough to move with the body.

Olivia Shih


Siblings 2

Wood, Paint, Sterling Silver, Copper

9cm x 7.5cm x 13cm


Siblings. So much alike, yet so dissimilar. Growing up together, we shared everything reluctantly. My clothes, your toys, a fight, a bathtub, a bed, a room, our parents, a home. We were competitors for our mother’s love; co-conspirators in our youthful mistakes. You and me. Siblings.

Jess Tolbert


Woven (brooch)

Fused Steel Staples, 14K Gold, Steel

3” x 3″ x .75″


Individual steel staples are joined through a micro-welded, or fused, process. Creating sheets with the staples, I then form and fabricate the material into three-dimensional, geometric, forms.

E. Douglas Wunder


Midwesten Wind

18K Gold, Sterling Silver, Titanium

1.5” x 1.25″ x .5″


Inspired by the windy seasonal weather patens of my home state of Iowa.