Liz Alpert Fay


A Bird Tale

Punch Needle Embroidery

22.75” x 17″ x 1″


Silk and cotton threads embroidered on cotton.

Alyse Bernstein


School of 28 Butterfish Gyotaku Quilt

Printed Quilt on Repurposed Cotton, Cotton Threads, Wool

36″ x 36″ x 1″


Delaney Conner

New York

Excuse Me, What

Punch Needle Embroidery

30” x 24″ x 1″


Sheila Ferri

New York

I Was A Good Little Girl… Now I Am A Nasty Woman

Wire Sculpture

10” x 36″ x 15″


This work responds to current events and changing times to echo and join forces with the voices confronting past values placed on women that begin with messages from early childhood.

Michele Hardy


Circles #50


29” x 22″


Nancy Herman


In the Lady’s Room

Needle Felting

54” x 36″ x .5″


Wool, needle felted.

Caroline Hicks



Handwoven Macro Gauze In Cotton, Mylar, Silk, Steel

57” x 18″ x 12″


A study in fiber elasticity, this macro gauze contains a mixture of fibers which do not all follow the curves alike. At a distance the white fibers seem to stretch and surround the copper and black center motif. On closer inspection, the sparkle of tiny threads appear and disappear. Includes rack.

Susan Iverson


Building a World (All Things Equal)

Wool Silk, Linen

28” x 52″ x .25″


Lauri Jones



Quilted Textile

47” x 47″ x .5″


Maureen Kamerick


Geometric Patterned Silk Wrap

Hand-Dyed, Handwoven Silk

22” x 85″


Handwoven silk textile, made of 30/2 silk which. I have dyed using Lanaset silk dye. Braided fringe.

Nancy Koenigsberg

New York


Coated Copper Wire

12” x 12″ x 4″


Patty Kennedy-Zafred


Liberation in the Land

Fiber; Art Quilt

42” x 5″


Hand pulled silkscreened images on hand dyed fabric (procion dye using multiple techniques), image transfer of text; machine pieced and quilted. All printing and dyeing by artist. (Original images courtesy Library of Congress.)

Rachelle LeBlanc



Wool and Cashmere On Linen

18” x 15″ x 18″


Hand-hooked woolen strips in three-dimensional basket form. This piece was created to change people’s perceptions and what we think of as hooked art. The basket forms occupy a physical space and allow the viewer to experience an intimate interaction with the piece and its story.

Margo Macdonald


Hamma Hamma

Handwoven Tapestry

44” x 25″ x 1″


Fuzzy Mall


Ryan Stephenson

Reclaimed Textiles with Satin Stitched Thread on Industrial Felt

126” x 58″ x .5″


Michael Quint


Whistler’s Father


33” x 33″ x 5″


Printed illustration, hand-stuffed, hand-sewn.

Judy Row


Spring Rain


20” x 5″ x .5″


Acrylic & wool yarns, coiled over nylon cord & brass rectangular support.

Lois Russell



Waxed Linen Thread

7.5” x 3″ x 3″


Contemporary basket.

Meryl Ruth


Tweet Tea, A Fiber Teapot

Embroidery Thread, Tulle, Merino Wool, Glass Beads

9” x 8.25″ x 5″


This teapot is an all-machine, embroidery thread hollow vessel sculpted using fabric sculpting medium. The hummingbird atop the teapot lid is needle-felted with tulle wings that have also been embroidered.

Elizabeth Whyte Schulze


Five Metal Longs

Pine Needles, Raffia, Japanese Paper, Acrylic, Mixed Media

15” x 9″ x 9″


Nestor & Armadillo is informed by a tour of Morocco. The Berber women express their creativity by adorning their faces and hands with intricate tattoos. This work shows Nestor holding an armadillo with its elaborately designed body. The deep orange background evokes the brilliant sunsets of Morocco.

Elizabeth Whyte Schulze


Five Metal Longs

Raffia Pine Needles Metal Washers Copper Wire Beads Acrylic

42” x 4.5″ x 4″


Coiled basketry with added metal washers, beads, copper wire and acrylic paint.

Teresa Shields


Red Pod Necklace

Wet Felted Hollow Forms With Magnets

6” x24″ x 1″


24 individually felted hollow forms with magnets. Each pod has a cord with encased magnet that attaches to its neighboring pods.

Kaarina Talvila


Storybook Purse

Silk Fabric Synthetic Stiffener Heavy Fusible Interfacing

8.5” x 9.5″ x 3.5″


Fully functional purse made of silk fabric fused to a sturdy base. Wooden ball feet.

Mary Zicafoose


Field Guide Study #1: Yellow Sedges, North

Weft-Faced Ikat Tapestry

90” x 90″ x 1″


This tapestry references my home, Pahuk. It’s one of the Pawnee nation’s five sacred sites. The land is beautiful and strikingly unusual, a promontory along the Platte River with woods, prairie, and farmland. Its history and topography are deeply influencing my aesthetic.