Craft Forms Testimonials

“Craft Forms has been consistently a strong show and an excellent experience for me as an artist. The team is highly professional, and they do a great job communicating to help organize the artists and to promote the show to other artists and potential collectors. And it is beautifully installed and presented. I have had three experiences working with the WAC and each have been a pleasure.”

—Gerri Spilka, Craft Forms 2016 Artist

“As a craft artist who exhibits regularly in galleries and museums internationally, I’m honored to have participated in several Craft Forms exhibitions over the past few years. I find Craft Forms to be one of the best regional exhibitions of fine craft in America, annually featuring some of the best work in international craft. They always host some of the nations most respected directors and curators to adjudicate a select body of work for exhibition. Whether you’re an artist, a collector, or just one who admires fine craft, don’t miss the next Craft Forms exhibition.”

—Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Craft Forms 2016 Artist

“I am still delightfully overwhelmed with this exhibition and the opportunities it has presented.”

—Daniel Widolff, Craft Forms 2016 Artist